Improving Your Business

I am often shocked at how some companies treat customers who complain about their services or products. Many managers will dismiss the complaints as petty, or act as though they don’t have the power to change the perceived weaknesses. The customer is more important today than ever before as social media has enabled comments to spread like wildfire over the Internet.

Needless to say, all companies must have an online presence. What many don’t have, however, is a game plan for dealing with complaints that arise in message boards across the Internet. Customers who take the time to speak about what your company needs to improve are your best customers! Where else are you going to receive this candid feedback? In an expensive focus group?

In addition to listening to our customers better, we as managers also need to gather input from our front-line employees who hear everything much faster  than we do. We may believe all is well, but lurking in the minds of our employees are all the complaints about how things could be better that we aren’t taking action on. The plan? Ask your employees what your customers are saying about your company, and listen to your most valued customers, those who are honest about the service you’re really providing.


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