Becoming friends with your employees

Is it wise to build friendships with your employees?

Many new managers are uncomfortable managing others. In an attempt to avoid this pain, they usually build friendships with their employees to gain compliance. But is this the best approach? Are they likely to receive their best performance and respect if they try to be their friend?

 Your job is to manage and not to become friends with your employees. This does not mean you don’t respect them and communicate with them on a regular basis. Instead, you focus on encouraging and supporting them in the attainment of company goals. When goals are achieved, their confidence in their abilities will grow. As their confidence in themselves grows, so will their belief that they can accomplish ever increasingly difficult goals.

Your employees want and need to be managed, that is their role. Your role is to make sure they are delivering the results you have defined for them. Being too nice and soft will gain you points in the beginning, but will create a lazy workforce who will have a rude awakening once a more effective manager is brought in and the performance reviews begin.


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